🚨 WARNING: Super Geeky App Alert 🚨

Wave for macOS

Open URLs with the wave of a hand.

Requires macOS Monterey, or Ventura.
Intel and Apple Silicon compatible.

Open URLs and trigger actions by waving a hand in front of your Mac’s camera.

Wave watches your Mac’s front-facing camera and detects eight different hand gestures.

Each gesture can trigger an action on your Mac by opening a URL or any application with a custom URL scheme.

Command other URL-friendly apps like Keyboard Maestro, Drafts, and Shortcuts.app to launch complex macros with a wave of your hand.

🌊 Wave can move windows around by calling Keyboard Maestro macros.

What the what?

Wave is unapologetically the nerdiest app Retina Studio has ever made.

Under the hood, Wave sits in the background and waits for a special hotkey. Once pressed, Wave will analyze your Mac’s front-facing camera for one of eight finger-swipe gestures. When one is recognized, it launches a URL that you define.

That URL could be something simple like opening Gmail in your web browser. Or something complex like triggering a Keyboard Maestro macro or Shortcut.

🌊 Wave can control your smart home devices by tapping into Apple Shortcuts.