How to Run macOS Shortcuts From Wave

Apple’s new Shortcuts app lets you quickly run common tasks and actions on your Mac. Using Wave, you can launch shortcuts with the wave of your hand.

To launch a shortcut from Wave, you’ll need to tell Wave the shortcut’s name.

1. Copy the name of the shortcut you want to launch from the Shortcuts app.

I suggest copying rather than typing the name yourself because the name must match exactly.

An easy way to copy the shortcut name is to double-click the shortcut in to open the editing window. Then, click on the name in the window’s title bar and ⌘C to copy.

2. Paste the name into the URL text field for your Wave gesture.

3. Right-click on the text field and choose “Convert to Shortcut”.

You’re done! Wave will automatically convert the shortcut’s name into the correct URL.