retina studio

About Retina Studio

Founded in 2007, Retina Studio is the new name of Nashville-based software company Click On Tyler. We make delightful, productivity-boosting apps for macOS.

Our original app, VirtualHostX, was built to help web developers and designers get work done faster on OS X. By 2013, VHX had gained two sibling apps  Hostbuddy and Hobo  also made for web developers working on the Mac.

But fourteen years later, the web development world and macOS have changed, and it was time for Click On Tyler and our apps to move on, too.

If you were one of our first 50,000 customers, we hope you enjoyed our web-dev-focused apps as much as we loved building them and that you love our new ones, too.


Retina Studio is a one-person software shop run by me, Tyler Hall. I’m an enthusiastic curmudgeon who believes even the simplest software can (and should!) be useful, empathetic, and made with joy.

In addition to my Retina Studio apps, I occasionally share free apps, workflows, open-source projects, and write nonsense over at