TextBuddy for macOS

Faster than your IDE.
Easier than the command line.

Requires macOS Monterey or later.
Intel and Apple Silicon compatible.

TextBuddy is…

…a Mac app for manipulating text.

A Swiss Army knife for plain text that is there when you need it and hidden when you don’t.

TextBuddy is not…

…for writing code.

…for editing Markdown.

…for managing a library of plain-text notes.

TextBuddy is…

…a single-window of text with 137 useful commands you can run to transform, sort, and filter your text into the format you need, extract some data, or jot down a quick note.

Watch a 42-second demo?

Here’s a basic editing session…

Press ⌘T to open the Command Window, search for an action, and run it on your text.

Some nice user comments…

The bottom line. A marvel. If you work with text, you need this app.

Craig Grannell
MacLife Editor’s Choice

I’ve used the term ‘delightful’ to describe an app maybe twice in the past 15 years, and I hate people who abuse such term. (Today *every little thing* online is awesome amazing delightful), but man, TextBuddy is a real workflow-booster for a text fiend like me!

Riccardo Mori

I tried it out for 5 minutes and immediately purchased.

Brett Terpstra

I find this insanely obvious as a product. I’m considering updating my Mac to Big Sur just to run this. It’s all the text manipulation I run from the CLI without having to look up syntax.

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