Freeze Tab
for macOS

Put your web browser tabs on ice.

Requires macOS Monterey or Ventura.
Intel and Apple Silicon compatible.

Freeze Tab saves all your open browser tabs for later, so you can context-switch to another task and return to them when you’re ready.

Context Switching

Do you often have 50+ tabs open while focused on a project? But then need to context-switch and focus on something else? Use Freeze Tab to save your session and come back to it at a later time.

For those who routinely rock multiple browsers, Freeze Tab remembers which browser each tab was open in and correctly restores them.

Morning Routine?

Do you start your work day with the same websites? Slack, Jira, Gmail, and Google Calendar? Save them with Freeze Tab and get started each morning with one click.

Freeze Tab is a lightning-fast way for freelancers to change from doing work from one client to another.

Sync and Share

Your tabs are stored in a small .freezetab file — a regular document on your Mac. Save as many browsing sessions as you want. (Nerds: the file is just JSON. Feel free to open and modify it.)

Freeze Tab files work great with iCloud Drive and Dropbox. Save your place on your desktop Mac and pick up where you left off on your laptop.

Watch a 30-second demo?

Supported Browsers

We’re looking into supporting additional browsers, such as Orion and Arc. (Sadly, Firefox support is not possible.)

Nerdy Stuff 🤓

Documentation for URL schemes…

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