What is “What’s Left” and how is it calculated?

By default, Rebudget will calculate and show your What’s Left amount in the Status Box.

In a nutshell: What’s Left is exactly what it sounds like. It’s how much money over the next 30 days is remaining in your budget after taking your income and all expenses into account.

Some budgeting systems, such as YNAB (which is wonderful!), require that you put every expense into a bucket or category in advance at the start of the month. That’s awesome if you can do that and then stick to it, but I never could do it. So, with Rebudget, I…

  1. Add all of my income (paychecks + freelance income)
  2. Add all of my known, recurring, and fixed expenses such as utilities, mortgage, entertainment subscriptions, as well as gas and grocery estimates, etc.
  3. Not put into the budget are miscellaneous expense that I know will happen each month but don’t necessarily want to pre-assign an exact amount to. I just want to know “what’s left” in my budget so I know over the next 30 days how much I have to spend.

Bingo. That’s “What’s Left”.

The Status Box will also alert you about upcoming problems, such as a future overdraft.