Fastmarks and Hook for Mac

Hi. Just a quick note that the most recent version of Fastmarks can now search all of your Hook links in addition to your web browser bookmarks. This opens up some really fun possibilities to quickly navigate between all of your documents and apps on Mac that you have hooked together with, well, Hook. If … Read more

TextBuddy 1.3

Hello! This TextBuddy update brings a few new commands and bug fixes. New: “Keep Only Numbers” will remove everything except numbers. This is slightly different than the existing “Keep Only Digits” command, which only allowed the digits 0-9. This new command will leave numeric symbols such as negative signs and decimal separators in place. Here’s … Read more

Fastmarks 1.2

Hello! This update to Fastmarks… Fixes a crash that would occur if a Chromium-based browser had multiple user profiles enabled. Thanks, Luc! By fixing that crashing bug, I also discovered and fixed another one that would sometimes cause the wrong Hook bookmark to open when selected. Improves the About window. Thanks again for using Fastmarks. Your trust in … Read more

Ears 1.5

This update to Ears finally resolves the longstanding Instamute bug on macOS Monterey that would mute the sound output of Bluetooth headphones when muting the microphone. I was never able to work around this bug myself, so thanks very much to the kind Apple engineers who fixed this in macOS 12.4. Also, a new preference has … Read more

Ears 1.4

Happy end of 2021! This final year-end release of Ears offers so many improvements it should probably be called 2.0. New Features Linked Devices! You can now make combinations of your favorite input / output devices and switch to them as if they were one device. Ears now has a real Preferences window with a … Read more

TextBuddy 1.2

Let’s end the year on a good note with a final TextBuddy release that adds a few new features and commands. Shell Commands First, TextBuddy can now pipe and filter your text through arbitrary shell commands. Here’s a quick example where I want to find all the URLs on my blog’s home page that only … Read more