TextBuddy 1.3

Hello! This TextBuddy update brings a few new commands and bug fixes. New: “Keep Only Numbers” will remove everything except numbers. This is slightly different than the existing “Keep Only Digits” command, which only allowed the digits 0-9. This new command will leave numeric symbols such as negative signs and decimal separators in place. Here’s … Read more

Fastmarks 1.2

Hello! This update to Fastmarks… Fixes a crash that would occur if a Chromium-based browser had multiple user profiles enabled. Thanks, Luc! By fixing that crashing bug, I also discovered and fixed another one that would sometimes cause the wrong Hook bookmark to open when selected. Improves the About window. Thanks again for using Fastmarks. Your trust in … Read more

Ears 1.5

This update to Ears finally resolves the longstanding Instamute bug on macOS Monterey that would mute the sound output of Bluetooth headphones when muting the microphone. I was never able to work around this bug myself, so thanks very much to the kind Apple engineers who fixed this in macOS 12.4. Also, a new preference has … Read more

Ears 1.4

Happy end of 2021! This final year-end release of Ears offers so many improvements it should probably be called 2.0. New Features Linked Devices! You can now make combinations of your favorite input / output devices and switch to them as if they were one device. Ears now has a real Preferences window with a … Read more

TextBuddy 1.2

Let’s end the year on a good note with a final TextBuddy release that adds a few new features and commands. Shell Commands First, TextBuddy can now pipe and filter your text through arbitrary shell commands. Here’s a quick example where I want to find all the URLs on my blog’s home page that only … Read more