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Bookmark Templates

In addition to normal bookmarks that just open a saved web page, Fastmarks lets you create bookmark templates.

A template is a normal URL that contains placeholders that Fastmarks will prompt you to fill in each time you launch the bookmark. Watch this demo video:

Opening Bookmark Templates

When you open a template URL, Fastmarks will prompt you to fill in each placeholder value. Like the rest of the app, this is designed to be mouse-free.

  1. The first (and only?) placeholder will be automatically selected and ready for you to begin typing.
  2. Press tab to move to each placeholder text field.
  3. Press return ↵ to launch the URL with your chosen values.

To help identify what’s what, as you move through each placeholder, the URL above will highlight which one you’re currently editing. Look here:

Creating Bookmark Templates

To create a template, add a new custom bookmark to Fastmarks like normal, but anywhere in the URL you add [?], Fastmarks will turn into a placeholder.

Here are a few examples:

Searching Wikipedia

This template URL


will prompt you with:

Filling in “Hank Aaron” would open your web browser to:


Searching a Specific User’s Tweets on Twitter

Generating Random Strings from random.org