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Create New Bookmarks

In addition to searching your browser bookmarks, you can add custom bookmarks directly to Fastmarks. These custom bookmarks have two benefits.

  1. They’re synced between all copies of Fastmarks using iCloud.
  2. You can use “Bookmark Templates“, which offer advanced features.

You can edit your custom bookmarks by selecting “Edit Custom Bookmarks” from the Fastmark’s menu bar icon.

The Custom Bookmarks window displays a large, empty text view for you to enter your bookmarks.

Each bookmark has a name and a URL. You enter them both on one line, separated by a comma like this:


And then additional bookmarks – one on each line.

Importing Existing Bookmarks From Your Web Browser

It’s not necessary to add all your bookmarks into Fastmarks. The app will search all of your web browsers on the fly, which is good enough for most people. The custom bookmarks feature is really meant for template URLs. But, if you do want to move all of your bookmarks into Fastmarks, you can do that by importing them from your browser.

All major web browsers let you export your bookmarks in an .html format.

Here’s Chrome:

Other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge and Brave (and Vivaldi, etc.) can export bookmarks the same way – but just with a slightly different UI.


and Firefox:

Adding New Bookmarks On-the-fly

You can also add a new bookmark without opening the Preferences window. This is handy if you have a URL on your clipboard you want to save.

Open the Fastmarks search window and type in the name and URL with a comma between them just as if you were adding it in the Preferences window. Like this…

Then, to confirm your new bookmark, press ⌘↵.

Note: That’s command + return. Not just return by itself. This is just a small safeguard so you don’t accidentally add anything you don’t intend to.

Once you’ve done that, your new bookmark will be available in Fastmarks.