TextBuddy is… …a Mac app for manipulating text. A Swiss Army knife for plain text that is there when you need it and hidden when you don’t. TextBuddy is not… …for writing code. …for editing Markdown. …for managing a library of plain-text notes. TextBuddy is… …a single-window of text with 137 useful commands you can … Read more

TextBuddy is made possible by these wonderful open-source projects

SmartyPants by John Gruber AFNetworking by Alamofire Software Foundation AlamoFire by Alamofire Software Foundation (Yes, I’m using two different HTTP libraries that basically do the same thing. Legacy code is a bitch.) SwiftyJSON by Ruoyu Fu MASShortcut by Vadim Shpakovski Sparkle by Sparkle Project App Center by Microsoft

Enable On-Device Speech Recognition

In order to transcribe audio and video files, your Mac must support on-device speech recognition. If it does not, TextBuddy will display this error: To enable on-device speech recognition, follow these instructions: Open System Preferences. Click Accessibility. In the sidebar, scroll down and choose Voice Control. Tick the Enable Voice Control checkbox. You will be … Read more

macOS Services

TextBuddy offers three macOS Services that let you get your text into the app from other applications and process it super-fast. Send to TextBuddy (Text) You can send text from any application to TextBuddy for editing. Here’s an example that sends a playlist from Apple Music to TextBuddy so I can reorder my songs. Send … Read more

Known Issues

A (hopefully) short list of known bugs that are being worked on. 2021-02-16 Wonky Undo Behavior The interplay of history/snapshots and “normal” text editing can cause the app’s undo stack to behave strangely sometimes.

Nice Things

Here’s a growing collection of things that people have been nice enough to say about TextBuddy.

Rearrange Text

Like a very simple outlining tool, TextBuddy has a special “Rearrange Text” mode that will let you drag and drop and reorder the lines of text in your document.

Available Commands

Here is a list of all available TextBuddy commands. In addition to the 137 below, you can also create your own custom commands and run shell scripts to manipulate your text. Is TextBuddy missing a command you’d like? Feel free to suggest one. Convert Tabs to Spaces Spaces to Tabs Straighten Quotes Smart Punctuation Escape … Read more

Getting Started

TextBuddy is a single window of text. There are no files, no library of notes, and no formatting. Type what you want, run a few commands, and move on. Your text is automatically saved between launches, so feel free to quit TextBuddy whenever you’d like. The last thing you typed will be waiting for you … Read more

Sending Text to Drafts.app

TextBuddy isn’t meant for permanent text storage. It’s designed for quickly working with text and moving on. But what if you do want to save your text more long-term? You have a few options. You can of course copy and paste your text elsewhere. Or, you can use the “File” → “Export” command to save … Read more