OpenAI GPT Text and Code Generation

Beginning with TextBuddy v1.4, you can use your OpenAI API key to generate text and source code directly inside TextBuddy.

Interacting with ChatGPT is as simple as running any other TextBuddy command, and you can find those commands under the Command → ChatGPT menu.

The “Send Text to ChatGPT” command will send your current TextBuddy document directly to ChatGPT. It’s useful for something like “Write a JavaScript function that reverses a string” or “Give me a list of the top ten mistakes that are made when cooking pasta.”

The other TextBuddy ChatGPT commands will take your text and forward it to ChatGPT with pre-written instructions to do what each one says.

  • Summarize Text
  • Improving Writing Quality
  • Fix Spelling and Grammar
  • Explain Text
  • Translate into different languages

To use this service with TextBuddy, you’ll need to create an OpenAI account and enter your API key into TextBuddy’s Preferences.